about feld – english summary

feld_logo_png-slfeld – the association for the use of unused 

The members of the feld – association for the use of unused discover, collect and transform unused resources – tangible and intangible. Thereby a variety of new possibilities arise: one of a kind products tell stories and make us aware of the value of goods.


There are unused resources in a lot of areas – food, knowledge, etc. Unfortunately, due to different reasons (practicability, ignorance, profitableness, and so forth), new goods are produced instead of taking advantage of those already available. Already existing resources are too precious to be declared as waste and being disposed.


We are aware of the abilities and individual possibilities of each person. This variety of knowledge and talent is a treasure that needs to be considered and is shaping our projects. We understand the difficulty of this throwaway society and its handling of resources. The use of already produced resources requires commitment and creativity and represents the appealing aspects of our work.

The association´s activities pick up on issues such as appreciation, creativity and design of one’s own living space and way of living, bringing them closer to a lot of people. Therefore, it is possible that by supporting our idea, more and more people can integrate those aspects in their daily life.


Project 1.0: The project 1.0 with its focus on “food” is shaping the association’s aim more precisely. The appreciation of already available food produce, regardless of its suitability for the market, the production of good food and the preservation of knowledge of food preservation are in the focus. Unused fruits and vegetables are being collected at farms, (super-)markets, publicgreen spaces or community gardens, transformed and forwarded following the pay-as-you-wish system (“What is it worth to you?”).


Workshops: There have been workshops for food preservation since the association’s commencement. Together we are trying new recipes and techniques, depending on the available fruits and vegetables. These activities were extended by workshops to systematically spread the collected knowledge. Individual workshops or a series of workshops are conveying recipes according to the seasonal cycle, techniques to process and preserve food, as well as background information on cultivation and use of herbs, fruits and vegetables.


IGGIT – Innsbruck’s saved vegetables in the pot: Since the beginning of 2016 we are processing collected vegetables, that without the association’s help would have never made it onto a plate. Offices in the urban space of Innsbruck can order soups/stews (optionally with bread of the previous day) twice a week. We deliver the food in a pot with our bike with a trailer or our freight bicycle. IGGIT is improving and thus showing the multiple culinary possibilities of unused vegetables as well as their high amount.


School project: We are developing a school project since 2017 in order to integrate our topics in education. Projects and excursions show the vegetables’ way from the agricultural fields to the cooking pots. The food’s path, the possibilities of acquiring food, the consequences of purchase behaviour, and the valuation of food are taught in hands-on training. With financial support of the Umweltinitiative Mutter Erde, the association is developing materials which are distributed to all schools and educational institutions that are interested.


Everything begun in 2014 in Innsbruck, where Luzia Dieringer and Claudia Sacher had the initial idea to start the association feld. Since December 2014 feld became a registered association , being supported by many volunteers and members. Feld is open to everyone, who wants to participate, get involved and exchange experiences or learn from each other…

(Danke Julia Burghart für die Übersetzung)